Music Theatre of Idaho

A Christmas Carol

Scrooge Douglas Rowland
Ghost of Christmas Past/Lamplighter Quinten Loveland
Ghost of Christmas Present/Sandwich Boar Toby Schroeder
Ghost of Christmas Future/Blind Old Hag Robbi Busse
Jacob Marley David Hutchins
Bob Cratchit Christopher Purdy
Tiny Tim Cameron Purdy
Mr. Fezziwig Tristan Fishman
Mrs. Fezziwig Wendy Inman
Fred Ben Mesropian
Emily TBD
Mrs. Cratchit Janine Schroeder
Sally Melanie Hopkins
Mr. Smythe Tommy Johnson
Grace Smythe Paige Hensel
Fan at 10 Madison Johnson
Jonathan William Donohue
Old Joe Tommy Johnson
Mrs. Mops Christy Tayler
Scrooge at 12 TBD
Scrooge at 18 Ben Mesropian
Scrooge at 8 Cricket Young
Young Marley TBD
Cratchit daughters Jessica Tayler
Rachel Tayler
Cratchit sons Ryan Young
Charity Men David Hutchins
Ben Mesropian
Michael Tayler
Challen Watson
Don Wight
Beadle Michael Tayler
Ensemble Ray Aguilar-Gallup
AltaGracia Aguilar-Gallup
Robbi Busse
William Donohue
Vanessa Fowler
Julia Hasenoehrl
Melanie Hopkins
Matthew Langford
Kea Loveland
Quinten Loveland
Teresa Moote
Courtney Packard
Phillip Poirier
Janine Schroeder
Toby Schroeder
Jessica Tayler
Rachel Tayler
Karinya Vidrio
Melissa Watson
Challen Watson
Kamryn Will
Cricket Young
Ryan Young